Nicholas Bannister–Andrews

Web Application Developer/Programmer & User Experience Engineer


Indiana University, Bloomington, IN
Bachelor of Science, Informatics, 2004

Languages & Technologies

HTML5, CSS3/LESS, Javascript (+jQuery), PHP (Wordpress+Plugins), Python: Command Line, Web (Google App Engine)

Other Interests

Designing Things, Problem Solving, UX/UI Design, Functional Programming, Mobile Development, Tinkering, Cooking, Traveling, Tabletop Games


AquaSpy — March–May 2014
Adelaide, Australia/San Diego, CA, USA — Remote
Freelance Front-End Web Developer

  • Built responsive site for client’s specific needs from designer's mockups
  • Supported phones, tablets, and desktops across Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows browsers
  • Communicated over chat, phone, and email to clients three time-zones away
  • Asked for my advice on implementing features

WebLink International — March–June 2014
Indianapolis, IN, USA
Contract Front-End Web Developer

  • Turned unresponsive sites into responsive sites
  • Matched websites to mockups
  • Worked with Project Managers to make sure projects were on time and complete
  • Collaborated with and helped other developers
  • Entered content into CMS
  • Performed Quality Assurance (QA) testing

Holon Publishing — December 2013–February 2014
Bloomington, IN, USA
Freelance Front-End Web Developer

  • Helped troubleshoot Wordpress RSS feed issues

AquaSpy — June–October 2013
Adelaide, Australia/San Diego, CA, USA - Remote
Freelance Front-End Web Developer

  • Asked to help program the client-side code to replace a current page
  • Added AJAX calls for large dataset downloads
  • Added UX feedback for data processing and downloads
  • Simplified and cleaned up user interface
  • Incorporated Local Storage for faster testing

The Auri Group — January 2013
Indianapolis, IN
Freelance Front-End Developer

  • Helped troubleshoot CSS for a Windows 8 App

The Auri Group — October 2010–October 2012
Indianapolis, IN
User Experience Engineer

  • Refactored/reorganized 1000’s of lines of Javascript into modules; commented code; reduced number of lines of code by > 60%
  • Styled several complicated websites from scratch from Photoshop document
  • Created customized Wordpress sub themes for several websites
  • Modified Wordpress plugins to better suit clients' needs
  • Discussed issues with clients, in-person, through email, and over the phone
  • Resident CSS & Javascript/jQuery expert; asked to help debug CSS and Javascript
  • Researched and fixed browser-specific bugs (CSS & Javascript)
  • Helped create apps (native and web) for both the Android and iOS platforms

The Eppley Institute for Parks and Public Lands—August 2007–October 2009
Indiana University, Bloomington, IN
Web Developer

  • Designed and programmed database-driven Web Applications
  • Updated web content
  • Programmed interactive and animated content for e-courses using both Flash and Javascript Converted audio and video from various sources
  • Edited and prepared video for distribution on DVD and the Internet; Flash video players
  • Facilitated distributed classroom sessions for the U.S. National Park Service
  • Designed and programmed a custom web application for the National Park Service training program Supported co-workers with computer and technology issues

The Center for Survey Research—1999–2007
Indiana University, Bloomington, IN
Programmer/Computing Assistant

  • Involved in designing and programming Web-based survey and intranet/extranet applications
  • Managed and programmed optical data capture for paper questionnaires
  • Designed the National Survey of Student Engagement web and paper questionnaires for 2000-2007


AHrefInteractive—March–May 2011
Bloomington, IN
Free Lance Developer

  • Debugged CSS and Javascript for cross-platform compatibility

WonderLab Museum of Health, Science and Technology—1996–2004
Bloomington, IN
Volunteer Web Developer

  • Maintained and updated website content
  • Assisted in the redesign of the web site on multiple occasions
  • Transferred the web site to a new host